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Digital News – March 2016

Jérémy Gandiol at 2016-04-01 in Actualité digitale

How French banks wish to make life easier for their customers

When it comes to building customer loyalty and offering the latest trending services, French banks do not come last. Let us have a quick look at the latest innovations in the banking sector, mainly in the day-to-day services.

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Difficult journey to digital transformation of bank branches

The digital transformation of bank branches is still far from being fully assimilated by relationship managers and branch managers. Indeed, only 51% of them declare having perfectly mastered electronic signature, 55% for remote interviews, and only 59% for multichannel sales.

To combat this challenge, banks rely on training their associates and some now include (like Credit Agricole, Ile-de-France) the use of digital tools in their operators’ variable pay criteria.

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La Banque Postale to launch a 100% mobile bank in 2017

In early 2017 La Banque Postale aims to launch a new 100% digital offering, called « Mobile First ». The objective is to win new private customers and to cope with the increased competition in this market, including the arrival of Orange Bank in the future, Credit Agricole’s Freazy, BNP Paribas’ Hello Bank! or Societe Generale’s Boursorama.

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Credit Agricole accelerates its digital transformation

Credit Agricole Ile-de-France has invested heavily, no less than €250 million over 3 years, to transform its branch model through the ACTIVE branch concept (« Accueil, Conseil, Territoire, Innovation, Valeur & Ecoute » – Hospitality, Advisory, Proximity, Innovation, Value Creation and Customer Dedication). In 2015, ACTIVE branches reached the 100 mark, the objective being to deploy the branch concept throughout the Ile de France network (that is, 277 branches) by the end of 2016. This transformation consists of a combination of 3 key areas: skill set ramp-up of associates, implementation of the latest digital tools available on the market, and reconfiguration of all branches. An opportunity for Credit Agricole to fully use In-branch E-Signature ( »Signature Electronique en Agence ») thanks to the 2,800 digital tablets already deployed within branches.

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The new MBA that combines digital and banking

Digitalization of the banking sector creates new expectations from employees. To meet them, Ecole de Management Léonard de Vinci, a B-School, offers a new course beginning in 2016: MBA in Digital & Retail Banking. The objective is to train future professionals in this digital transformation of banks, in the new modes of customer relationship, as well as in the transformation of the business model brought about by digital.

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Jérémy Gandiol


Digital, Retail Banking & SFS


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