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Digital Watch – September 2015

Kenza Benmakhlouf at 2015-10-07 in Actualité digitale

Banks: customers prefer the Internet to branches

Faced with the challenge of digital growth, banks will have to work twice as hard to keep in touch with their customers. Every single study shows the same undeniable conclusions: individuals are abandoning branches in favour of the Internet.

A survey published on Thursday, September 17 by Deloitte reveals a rapid growth of this phenomenon. Not only does it not occur to anyone to queue up at their branch to check their bank account – 82% of the surveyed now prefer the Internet for it – but branches are also losing ground for more complex transactions.


Société Générale’s network adapts to digital revolution

The roadmap is based on tests performed for more than a year, as well as on the observation that digital technology requires reviewing the role of the branch without tolling the death knell for physical points of sale. Eventually, only three branch types should stay in place at Sociéte Générale. The largest among them will include a « pool » of generalist advisers, complemented by expert advisers. The so-called normal branches, comprising less than 9 people, will share their hospitality services, have a pool of customer advisers, and leverage specialised remote platforms. Finally, the third format plans for 100% automated and staffless branches.


A busy agenda for HR managers in finance

The fall period promises to be challenging for HR managers in the finance sector. The digital revolution and all that it involves (change in practices, new tools, new work methods, etc.), talent management in a competitive environment, adherence of thousands of employees to a common culture, quality of working life, etc., are all topics which will mobilise HR managers this fall. The priorities vary as per the organisations. In some businesses, especially technical ones, it has become essential to favour internal mobility so as to retain employees by allowing them to experiment with other roles and acquire new skills.


Banks are showing great interest in business handovers

It is a real competitive challenge for banks, to both retain their customers and reap the benefits of the transfers. Banks are taking a keen interest in organisations which are entering the handover phase. They facilitate their consolidation and often allow them to reach the status of « ETI », these middle-market companies which are lacking so much in the French economy. Business handover is a consequence of the demographic trend, as many baby-boomer leaders are reaching retirement age. Well aware of the challenges, banks have organised to support them in this crucial period.



When Big Pharma meets Big Data

Like the partnership formed this month between Sanofi and Google, more and more alliances are being built between renowned Internet and pharmaceutical brands. The latter are only beginning to see the potential of data collected from patients.


Kenza Benmakhlouf Kenza

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