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Digital Watch : Special start-ups edition – September 2015

Kenza Benmakhlouf at 2015-10-12 in Actualité digitale

Crédit Mutuel Arkéa buys the FinTech Leetchi.com

The Brittany-based banking group has bought an 86% stake in the money pot, worth more than 50 million euros, thus confirming the growing influence of FinTechs. It has invested another 10 million euros to accelerate Leetchi’s development globally.


Crowdfunding websites now wish to go « that extra mile »

The interest in crowdfunding continues to grow in France. Over the first six months of 2015, crowdfunding platforms have collected 133.2 million euros from Internet users. That is, twice as much as the first half of 2014, based on figures published by the Financement Participatif France association.

This success is however a mere drop in the ocean against the 3 billion euros made by crowdfunding websites in Europe last year. To speed up the pace, the association has formulated a series of recommendations.


Ten banking businesses eventually under threat from Fintech competition

There are hundreds of financial start-ups willing to shake up the traditional banking sector. While some of these act as bank partners, others want to revolutionise the sector through their « disruptive » technology which, generally, observes practices to build new products and services pertaining to payment, savings or loan domains.

A development which will not be inconsequential in terms of employment: « The number one challenge for all banks is the adaptation to digital technology », reminds Frédéric Oudéa.


Fintechs are actively involved in asset management

An increasing number of fintechs are investing in the asset management industry. Start-ups like Marie Quantier, Yomoni or Fundshop have opted for financial consulting for retail investors. Their common objective: leverage robo-advisors to offer investment strategies, once reserved for institutions and wealthier customers, to a larger audience.



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