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Innovation corner – Digital Health & Insurance: what avenues for innovation?

David Pimentel at 2015-10-29 in Le coin des innovations

For once, Equinox-Cognizant offers you to don your consumer’s hat and conceptualise some application innovations that could revolutionise the health insurance sector.

Winter is coming…! Enjoy a healthy winter as we bring to you a series of explosive articles this autumn!


A few facts before you begin

Although connected health is fast developing and flourishing, we feel that the market is not yet mature enough to perceive connected devices as generators of services. In our eyes, Smartphones continue to be a cornerstone for connected devices, thus serving as a key area of focus.

Additionally, use of healthcare data by a private third party can invite strong opposition. We feel that innovation must first and foremost have an approach directed at common well-being and not one which stands to benefit the insurer! So, at least to begin with, let us bid goodbye to traditional micro-segmentation and micro-pricing. Let us forget price for the time being and think « service » instead.


Hot ideas!

  • Article #1To prevent is to conquer!: Make geo-localised prevention a trump card for capturing market shares – Or how to send out geo-localised epidemiological alerts and customised preventive measures to the insured


  • Article #2Earth to Doctor!: Make telemedicine the main pillar of your service offerings – Bid goodbye to crowded and overheated waiting rooms; instead, offer consultation via video to your customers straight from the comfort of their homes!


  • Article #3Health assistance: Be there with the right information at the right time! – Locate the nearest healthcare provider free of charge, book an appointment and follow prescriptions: priceless. For everything else, there’s…



We will be back very soon with the first of a series of articles that will provide new perspectives on innovation in healthcare! « To prevent is to conquer! » will be out on November 12!






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