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Innovation corner – A Digital Place to Work ! How to foster creativity and productivity of your employees

Kenza Benmakhlouf at 2015-08-03 in Le coin des innovations

With nearly 28 million smartphones in France (source: Neocity, 2014), they have become man’s best friend, allowing us to get directions, manage our bank accounts or make purchases. Similarly, the increasingly developed and complex digital environment (internet, connected devices, etc.) provides users with almost unlimited possibilities in terms of comfort, time and space management.

But at their workplace, these users feel frustrated due to very limited advancements in the work space. Employees are faced with a lack of flexibility in working time management policies, a lack of advancement in the work space and work devices, and they have to spend significant time with space management and administrative work. This significant gap between personal and professional life can become annoying on a daily basis and limits the creativity and productivity of employees.

Today, company premises have become an integral part of their corporate culture, reflecting the Higher Management’s commitment to the well-being of their employees and proving to be a major asset to attract and retain talent. Snapshot of some noteworthy digital innovations.

 Allow more flexibility to respond to employee mobility

With the millennial generation gradually joining organizations, work practices are changing and mobility is becoming a requirement. While various devices (laptop, smartphone, tablet) already allow employees to have their workstation with them anywhere, new features now offer a telepresence..Digitalplacetowork1

  • The Double Robotics Robot, remote-controlled and especially dedicated to work-from-home, allows employees to roam around in the office space and tointeract with their colleagues while staying at home;
  • The Smart Kapp digital whiteboard enables to annotate and share your work in real time and in multiple locations, and then to save and share the same.

Rethink interactions and reduce annoying tasks by facilitating space management

The workspace is a common place to meet, speak and share information. It should also allow people to think and concentrate. Considering this diversity in employee requirements and ways of working, workspace reorganisation is becoming a necessity.

For example, we are witnessing the emergence of « flex offices  » with non-allocated seats enabling associates to organize in project mode. Meeting rooms are redesigned for smaller working groups and « quiet rooms » are aimed at providing a quiet environment to facilitate concentration.

In view of this multiplication of workspaces, more and more digital devices are provided to employees to optimise their day-to-day management and utilisation.

  • MySeat sensors, used for instance by Société Générale, facilitate workspace management. From the dedicated mobile application, employees can see and book the seats available in the Open space;
  • Evoko touch screens, installed outside meeting rooms, enable to easily book a room by checking the color (green or red) indicating availability and then selecting the desired slot on the calendar on screen;
  • Cognizant mobile application combines a set of features for the management (availability, characteristics, booking, location) of meeting rooms, workspaces and parking spaces. It also offers a service of geolocation in the premises and for saving and sharing your location or that of your vehicle.


Reduce the stress of employees caused by personal concerns

A cancelled train on the way to work, a sick child at the child care center or a long queue at the staff canteen at lunch time, etc. Such unforeseen events can cause additional stress and hamper the smooth daily routine. Some easy-to-install technologies at the workplace can avoid daily hassles and allow employees to optimize their workday.

  • Touch-screen tablets in the company’s common areas allow employees to view in one glance the day’s transport conditions and weather forecast as well as the staff canteen visitor numbers in real time;
  • A charging station providing electric cars encourages employees to adopt green driving and communicates on the company’s eco-friendly values;
  • A Cognizant application connected with the child care center’s agenda and sending real-time alerts reduces the worries of parents who leave their children at the corporate child care center;
  • Lastly, the availability of a recreation room enables employees to take a break, using for instance the Melomind relaxation headset to provide some stress relief.

These new connected devices promise innovative solutions dedicated to the comfort of your employees. However, a connected life can be one step away from having your daily routine under watch. A South American startup company is working on a web-connected sticky note, Bossy, which facilitates your daily work organization and performance optimization. In this regard, it also reminds the user to focus if she/he would do other things before completing her/his task.

In business, connected devices are to be selected with care and used with caution.


Digitalplacetowork3Casque Melomind

Digitalplacetowork4Station de rechargement

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