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It rocks! – Caisse d’Epargne launches a connected savings account, a fun way of banking

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BPCE modernises its long-standing savings product with the launch of « Livret A Connecter » intended for its youngest customers (old and new).

BPCE redesigns the standard « Livret A » passbook savings account service by making it more fun, more digital and instantaneous, throughout its Caisse d’Epargne network. Parents, whether bank’s customers or not, can open a digital nest egg online through an e-piggy bank directly linked to their child’s Livret A account.

An online space will be available by the end of this year for internet, mobile and tablet-usage, which can be fully customised with photos, videos and profile of their little darling, in a childlike and Squirrel-coloured universe. Once the profile is complete, it can be shared by email, QR Code or through social networking sites on special occasions (such as birth, birthdays, christening, etc.). Also, family members and friends can securely contribute to the child’s future from anywhere simply through card payment (from 1 cent to €250) and leave a message on the child’s e-visitor’s book. Then, parents can simply transfer the funds to the corresponding Livret A account.

Cédric Mignon, Head of Development at Caisse d’Epargne, states that « Caisse d’Epargne, an established banking player and the creator of Livret A, continues to reinvent their history, and thus proves that with digital innovation, even the most traditional products of the classic French brands, that are cherished by the French, can be spruced up and given a new lift at any time.

On these lines, Caisse d’Epargne has conceived a product matching the habits of their young parent customers: digital, customisable and social. It expects 10,000 accounts to be opened in 2016, with a 1.5% commission charged on the collected amount. Later, the same features will be applicable to other products such as Livret B and Livret jeune.


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