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It rocks! – PhoneAddress: What if your delivery address was linked to your smartphone’s location?

Anaïs Bussière at 2015-10-16 in Ca décape / ça dérape

The Belgian mobile phone operator BASE is revolutionising parcel delivery! With PhoneAddress, its new mobile app, you don’t have to wait at home worrying about missing the delivery guy until he finally arrives!

With the emergence of instant messaging, 1-hour delivery service and other services giving priority to immediacy (or near-immediacy), Base has well understood the fact that the consumer does not like to be kept waiting any more. Nothing is worse than having to take a half-day leave to wait for your parcel because of a given time slot of 5 hours, or being stuck at home on a Saturday afternoon waiting for the delivery guy! Thanks to your smartphone’s geolocation, he can now know your exact location and deliver your parcel directly!

 Want a pizza to be delivered at the park? Or have your swimsuit delivered at the beach? With PhoneAddress, this will now be possible! What’s more, no need to remain at the location you were in while placing your order; through the connection between your app and your delivery guy, the pin moves with you and he can find you wherever you are! Want to know what time the delivery guy will deliver your parcel? Your app can track his exact location and calculate his estimated arrival time!


BaseSource : http://www.ddb.be/work/BASE/phone-address

Available in beta version exclusively in Belgium; for now, this app has 3 partner restaurants.

 After Chronopost, which, via Predict, its interactive delivery app, is already allowing customers to modify their delivery address at any time, Base has gone a step ahead with this new app. Given its features however, it remains rather catering-oriented. When will there be a service that will help the delivery guy to be right on time and deliver your new mattress exactly at 8:15 AM as advertised, so that you get to go to work or drop your children to school on time?

Beyond these purely logistic considerations, the question which arises from now on is : why did a mobile telephone operator choose to develop an application which can at first sight appear rather distant from its core business?

s31phone-client-customerSource : http://phoneaddress.be/




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