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It skids – Your literary experience just got steamier… with Sext!

Jean Bouvier at 2015-12-30 in Ca décape / ça dérape

A perpetual source of brand experience enchantment, the customer journey is one of the key words in Marketing 3.0 gurus’ vocabulary when it comes to this digital revolution? that is being constantly harped on about! Innovation in customer journey is not just the bank’s prerogative any more, far from it! As a matter of fact, a surprising source of disruptive innovation can be found in… erotic literature!

Today, in the literary world, Amazon and the likes have completely turned upside down the consumers’ way of buying their reading material: rummaging for summer books, buying them at a lower price, having them delivered in less than 48 hours… and receiving affinity-based reading suggestions which would have never crossed the mind! It is what is known in marketing as the « Next Best Offer » derived through strong predictive algorithms.

At the end of the day, all this implies only one thing – the consumer’s buying experience. No connection whatsoever with the reader’s user experience.

However, the need is now fulfilled, dare one say it, thanks to a rather imaginative invention by French startup B. Sensory.This Brest-based startup has engaged the talents of Cityzen Data, also a startup that specialises in connected devices.

Their 17 centimetre-long brainchild goes by the name of Little Bird and will be launched in January 2016. Female readers are offered a vibrant extension – dare one say it again – of the experience of succumbing to the pleasures of erotic literature: connected to a smartphone via Bluetooth Low Energy, reading just became a sensory interaction with one’s device! With one’s smartphone acting as a remote, this sinful and sensuous gadget reacts to the phone’s movements or to the reading passages on one’s tablet. « Sext », as the word suggests it, derives from sex toy and text…

SextecrimeSource : Ère numérique, March 2015

This is indeed good news at a time when all Digital Labs are fussing about building customer enchantment tools. One such example is that of Smart Me Up, a Grenoble-based startup that has developed a software which allows real-time facial analysis and helps to interpret human emotions and attitudes.

A recent Cognizant study confirms that in terms of customer relationship management, senior executives of large organisations are focussing on improving the brand experience, an essential leverage for winning and retaining customers.


Source: study – “Putting the Experience in Digital Customer Experience”, Cognizant Center for the Future of Work and Oxford Economics (survey on 300 senior executives, November 2014)

If the book industry – and even more so, the light-reads minor art form – can successfully alter the way in which its clientele perceives its use value, so can the banking industry! After all, well-being and money management have something in common, haven’t they? A healthy mind means a healthy body!





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